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Our Testimonials

Thanks alot for the very very good service. I received my Silvia on Friday and its great!!
Espresso taste very good, and I almost have a pretty good foam for my capuccino ;)

Hagenaar, Bastiaan - Finland

Grinders reashed the destination:-) Very nice Mashine the rancilio!Thanks for the excellent shipping.
Best regards

Markus Arnold - Germany

I received the Rancilio Silvia.
Everything is OK.
I recommend your store to my friends
Thank you very much

k. zaborowski Gazeta - Poland

Today I received the Silvia. Everything OK. Thank you.

marko - Poland

Thanks – I received the shipping notice so I can track it.
Everything is arranged on this end.
I really appreciate your help.

Demott, Jerry - Slovakia

forget the mail i send you earier this day. i just received the Rancilio Silvia !every thing is fine :o))
florian colberg

florian colberg - Germany

Hello Marco,
The problem is been solved. It was the underground (granit) that was the problem. My sister brought her machine to my home and we placed the rancilio on the base (original Rancilio). The machine worked smooth without much fibratoin.  Thank you for your help and fast reaction.
Kind Regards

roland saalmink - United Kingdom

Just want to let you know that I recived the Rancilio Silvia this morning. Thank you for good service and have a nice Christmas.
Best Regards from "Caffe prego!"
Ewelina Lisowska

eva - Northern Ireland

Many thanks for the email update.
Unfortunately it arrived several hours after the parcel itself !
Anyway I am delighted wit the Rancilio machine to thank you and happy Christmas to you all!

John Mason - United Kingdom

Rancilio Silvia safely received, up and running and brilliant!
Belinda Allan

Belinda Allan - United Kingdom

HI Marco, Rancilio Silvia just arrived, thankyou. Going to unpack it now, joy of joys. Bye, Honor

Honor Gilbert - United Kingdom

Thank you for the Rancilio Rocky. I got it during this week.
Now I enjoy it.
Best regards
Ota Kánský

Ota Kánský - Czech Republik

Hello Marino.   Just to let you know that the Gaggia Classic was delivered tonight at 1900hrs.  We've had a test run.   It makes absolutely superb coffee.  It's almost as good as being in Italy!!!!  The design and look of the machine is beautiful.   Thank you again and best wishes.
Mrs Dianne Melody
East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire - United Kingdom

Dear Sir,
thank you very much for quick transmission. The article arrived and everything is OK.
So, I would like to thank you again for quick transaction. Cooperation with your company was really great.
Looking foreward next time :-)
Best regards
Tomas Hlinský
Agentura Baze 3

Tomas Hlinský - Czech Republik

Teresa, Marino,
I am pleased to say that my machine arrived safely today, well packaged and looks fantastic in my kitchen, just brewed my first cup & I am really impressed, would recommend your company & the Gaggia Baby D without hesitation, in fact I already have a friend who is thinking of ordering one himself.
Colin Sutton

Colin Sutton - United Kingdom

Hi Marino,
All arrived when we were out and left for us, so no problems. We are very grateful, and thanks once again. Fantastic service and I highly recommend you to everyone.

Barrie Lawless - United Kingdom

Thanks for my Fab new machine - really great.
ps your own brand coffee is fantastic..... will have to order some more when my free KG runs out!.... any suggestions on any others I should try as a coffee lover?
Thanks again

Bisset, James - United Kingdom

Gratzia tando, my machine has just been delivered, can't wait to get home to try it!

Anthony - Germany

We received the Vienna coffe maker Thursday last and it makes excellent coffe!!
Many thanks

Jan Hatleskog - United Kingdom

Just a quick email to say the parcel has arrived this morning.
Many thanks

Wayne Redgrave - United Kingdom

Thank you I have now received my machine, excellent services and hopefully I will use you again
Frances Main

Frances Main - United Kingdom

Further to my earlier e-mail, the ice cream maker has now arrived. Many thanks.

Doug Melloy - United Kingdom

Hi Marino,
Just wanted to confirm that we have received the new coffee machine - thank-you.   The good news is water pumped through the very first time!
Thanks for replacing it so quickly - hopefully we will have many years' enjoyment from it.
Thanks again and kind regards,

DARREN TRIPP - United Kingdom

Dear Marino,
Just a quick note to tell you the machines arrived this morning - and very splendid they look too!  Now I am going to try and make my first espresso with them!
Best regards,

Iain Forsyth - Belgium

I have got this EXPRESSOMACHINE DOMUS BAR DOSATA I want to thank you I am very pleased with you. It is very simple to use.
Thank you.
   My regards  Zzigmond


Hello Caffè Italia,
Further to my e-mail on Saturday (copied below) I am delighted to say that our Gaggia Classic has just been delivered safe and sound.
Thank you.
Helen Cooper

Helen Cooper - United Kingdom

Hello Mario,
Many thanks for speedy delivery and very helpful communications.
Package received yesterday.
Kind Regards

Andy Nicholls - United Kingdom

Hi Marino
I received the coffee maker yesterday and it works brilliantly - what a great machine!
Thanks for the bag of coffee beans they are really nice.

Kevin - United Kingdom

Je vous remercie pour les précisions concernant la Silvia.
Tout est clair maintenant.
Je vous remercie beaucoup pour le café et les tasses, c'est vraiment très gentil de votre part.
Je suis vraiment satisfait de votre site, et je le recommanderai à mes amis.
Bien cordialement,
Olivier Herbepin.

Olivier Herbepin - France

Hi Marino
I received the machine a couple of weeks ago. Thanks.
I gave it as a present to someone yesterday and we set it up. It works great.
What can I do to get the warranty enabled?

Donagh - Ireland

Salve Marino,
La macchina e arrivata!!
It is already installed... and had a few cups of espresso and capuccino with the milk island.. works great!
Thanks for the extra and I will wear that T-Shirt which is the right size for me... XXL !!!
Best Regards

Paddy Van Raepenbusch - Netherland

Yesterday I finally managed to collect my Electra machine from DHL. Everything is fine, my husband is so happy and I think this machine is very beautiful -  a piece of art really.
Thanks a lot.

Solina - United kingdom

Thank you, thank you! It has arrived, and looks beautiful, sitting on the work top. Very exciting! We have very happy memories of ice cream in Venice... I hope the water has gone down and stays that way.
All best wishes

Jeanne Roberts - United Kingdom

Bonjour Mme Spadari,
Coils reçu ce matin sans problème.
Paiement effectué au livreur.
Machines testées ce midi: PARFAITES.
Bravo encore pour votre efficacité.
Meilleures salutations.

Jean-Michel LABORDE - France

Dear Sir/Madame,
I must say the machine we got has delivered some great coffee so customers are very pleased with the results... Attached is a picture of the machine we received.

Kim Silander - Indonesia

Hi Marco
For your information DHL delivered the ice cream machine in our cafe this June 8th in the morning.
We will open the box in 2 days to give time to the gas to stabilized
Many thanks for your efficiency
Best regards
Francois Kenedi 


thanx, just arrived!!!

Tomáš Peťovský - Slovak Republik

Thank you for such wonderful service! The delivery of our new Gaggia was right on time. And we love our new machine!
You also sent along a gift of some ground coffee that was perfect with our Gaggia and I would like to order more. Unfortunately I threw the bag away and now I am not sure which brand it was. Could you please let me know so I can place an order with you as soon as possible? We've tried other coffees, but that one was clearly the best!
Thanks again!

Kathy Gutowsky - France

Thanks Marino, the parcel arrived today (after my email), many thanks.

Patrick Fannin - Ireland

Hi Marino
Our coffee machine, the Saeco you recommended arrived last Friday, we have only just set it up and had our first cup of coffee, and we wanted to let you know how good it is.   After 3 Krupps machines!  I had a cappuccino and normally have a sugar  in it, but it was such good coffee, I didn't need to.   My husband had an espresso  & he has been less than happy with the Krupps machines, but is  now very happy!
Thank you for your help, it was much appreciated, and we were very near to giving up on the whole idea!
Kind regards

Suzanne - United Kingdom

the machine has arriverd
thanks a lot

Juergen Haas - Germany

Dear Marco
We ordered a Gaggia Synchrony Logic on above order number as a gift and our friends are extremely happy with it.   Our old Gaggia Syncrony has been broken and fixed so many times and is broken again so we are thinking of just buying a new one. Would you give us the same deal as before?  €330 for a new machine, including delivery and the pack of beans etc ? We would definitely place the order if you could match the offer or even give us a better deal seeming as we would be buying two machines from you (although not at the same time. )
Pepe Fraser

Pepe Fraser - United Kingdom

'Thank you' Marino, from C. Italia for this information, I look forward to receiving my machine... May I also say a big 'THANK YOU' for all the help and advice that I have been given from the people at 'Caffe Italia', during the process of picking and ordering my espresso maker.   I was given excellent information, advice and a recommendation for the S'an. Milano'machine, unfortunately it is a few centimeters too big for the space I have available, and I would not have been able to use it comfortably, thank you all the same thou.
I look forward to ordering my coffee and accessories form you in the future, again - 'Thank you'!
Angela Martin.   

Angela Martin - United Kingdom

Hi Marino
Thanks for that. Would it be possible for you to send me an invoice by email. This way I can save it and print it if I need proof of purchase. I lost the original receipt. I think it was attached to the box which has been thrown out. Thanks for your help.  
I am impressed with the machine and your price and your service.

Donagh - United Kingdom

Merci Madame pour votre réactivité et votre efficacité.
Et BRAVO pour vos qualités rédactionnelles en français.
J'attends donc la livraison de ce matériel dès que possible.
Bonne journée.


I have just received my new Saeco Syntia coffee machine, It was well worth the wait. The coffee is fantastic! Out performs my old, (now defunct), Saeco "Magic Deluxe" by streets. Very impressed!

Graeme Irvine - Ireland

I received my Gaggia Gelatiera yesterday and it’s working flawlessly, I am already up to my third batch of ice cream today. 
Thank you for excellent service and fast shipment, I won’t hesitate to buy from you again and will recommend you to my friends!
Best Regards,
Andreas Sundgren

Andreas Sundgrenr - Sweden

Hi again!
Hope you had a nice weekend. I got safe back to norway this morning. It's a very nice mashine!

josef kleven - Norway

I'm glad to have recieved the Fiorenzato 2 hours ago,
 Thank you very much for your service , I'm very satisfied and will recommand you.
Best regards
Jürgen lingl-Rebetez

Jürgen Lingl - France

thank you
your customer satisfaction is 100%

Martin Rickard - Ireland

Dear Marino
THANK YOU for our Gaggia Gelateria - it is WONDERFUL!
Here is a cassata I made for friends just after Christmas, with pistacchio and raspberry icecream, and tutti frutti and cream in the middle. It was delicious.
All best wishes for a successful 2009

Jeanne Roberts - United Kingdom

I just want to confirm that I have received my coffee machine and I am delighted with it. The attention to detail with the packing was superb and the machine arrived in perfect condition. I just wanted to thank caffe italia for the excellent service and for delivering this incredible machine to my home.
I have already enjoyed several espressos and the machine makes exceptional coffee.
Keep up the good work and thank you for all of your assistance in helping me purchase my espresso machine.
Best wishes,
Dan Stackhouse

Dan Stackhouse - United Kingdom

Hi Marino,
We want to thank you for the quick delivery of our espressomachine. Last weekend we have had a few great espresso’s!
I will surely recommend your website to my friends!
Kind regards,
Corné Verbunt

Corné Verbunt - Holland

We recieved coffe machine. Me and my wife prepared coffe from this machine and we are satisfied.
Thank you.

Martin Mikuláš - Slovak Republik

Dear Marino,
just to say that the Red Coffee machine arrived safely and was greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your perseverance,
Keith (a confirmed tea-drinker!)

Keith Kendall - United Kingdom

Dear Marino,
Just to let you know that the packets of Café Italia coffee beans arrived safely with many thanks. I look forward very much to enjoying them with my Gaggia Platinum Vision! A taste of my much loved Italy!
Kind regards,

Bill Long - United Kingdom

Hi there
I just wanted to say that the La Pavoni espresso machine arrived in perfect order the day before Christmas. Great service!
I am recommending your company to my friends.
Happy New Year.

Rob Knobben - United Kingdom

Marino - just to let you know the Jura Ena5 arrived safely yesterday and we are delighted with it - it makes lovely coffee. We're also delighted with the price and are happy for you to publish this in your customer comments if you wish
Kind regards
Joyce est

Joyce West - United Kingdom

Hi Marino
Just received the parcel 30 minuets after I sent my mail.
Så very nice - and thanks anyway.
Brgds / Frank

Frank Hoj - Denmark

Ciao Marino,
I have received in good condition Talea touch the coffee beans and the 6 !! Saeco cups.
Thank you for your excellent service.
This  mail is a positive feedback for your company.

K Sekouris - Crete

Hi Marino,
The machine arrived today—thank you very much!

David Dapper
David Dapper - United Kingdom

I received the espresso machine today it makes nice espressos and cappuchinos.
If You like you  may publish my customer satisfaction on Your website:
I'm very pleased with my brand new La Pavoni Buondi; The customer service gave friendly personal contact and responded quickly to my questions.
Jag är mycket nöjd med min splitternya La Pavoni Buondi; Kundtjänsten gav personlig, vänlig kontakt och snabba svar på mina frågor.
Olen erittäin tyytyväinen tuliterään La Pavoni Buondiin; Asiakaspalvelu oli ystävällinen, henkilökohtainen ja antoi nopeasti vastauksia kysymyksiin.
/ Joakim S, Finland

Joakim Sandström - Finland

Hello, just to let you know that the ice cream maker has arrived, the box was undamaged and I shall be trying out my new "toy" at the weekend, I am very excited and thank you for the prompt service.
Kind regards, Nichola Bamford

Nicky Bamford - United Kingdom

Hi Marino,
thank you for the info; the machine has already been delivered this morning.
Many thanks for your prompt service.
Heinz Toller

Heinz Toller - United Kingdom

Hi Marino
Just to let you know that I received the Gaggia machine already this afternoon!
Very quick, thank you.
I understand that I will have to wait until tomorrow (12 hours) before trying out the machine.
I have high expectations!
Kind regards,

Mogens Laursen - Sweden

Hi Marino,
Just to let you know, Savinelli DDR3 arrived this morning, works & grinds very fine. Thank you,
Best wishes,

Justin Avery - United Kingdom

Absolutely fantastic, lovely little machine, which gives a smashing taste & crema.
Did not enjoy your classic pod though Sorry.
guess we all have different tastes.
Thankyou again for your kind co-operation Marco.
Have a lovely day, can you send me some of your sunshine please, we have none today. Only cloud.
Best Regards
Diana Rush

Diana Rush - Ireland

Hi Marino
Coffee machine arrived this morning excellent machine many thanks for your prompt service.
Mick Watson

michael watson - United Kingdom

I have received the items, thank you.
I'm extremely satisfied with the coffee I get out of that machine already!

Bjarte Bø - Norway

Hello Marino,
We received the ice cream maker yesterday. Everything was fine, the packaging was excellent and the delivery was in time.
Thank you very much,
Angelos Tzelepis

Angelos Tzelepis - Greece

Hi Teresa,
My coffee machine arrived safely today. It is working fine and making very good coffee!
Thanks for your help, everyone at Coffee Italia.
Peter Cogswell

Peter Cogswell - England

Just a quick message to say thanks for the espresso machine, cups & coffee, which arrived last Friday. I will have no hesitation in returning to you for future purchases.

Lee Jones - Bristol, UK

Thank you I got the machine and works just fine

M Rabet A. Michel - France

Hola, buenos días.
Soy Maria José de la empresa Zebra Textil, S. L. (Ontinyent - Valencia - España).  La semana pasada nos llegó la cafetera que te pedimos ( "Aeco Primera Touch Plus). Darte las gracias, por vuestro servicio tan rápido.
Muchas gracias. Un saludo.

MARIA JOSE - Valencia Spain

Hi Teresa,
The coffe machine arrived today, and it's working great. Thank you very much for everything.
Kind regards,
Raquel Servent

Raquel Servent - United Kingdom

Thank you Marino for your reply, i recieved the Gaggia on Friday afternoon, unfortunately one of the cup handles had been broken in transport, but i suppose that's life. The Gaggia is up and running and i'm enjoying my espresso's.

G Cipriano - United Kingdom

Just to let you know - all was organized ok - got the coffee machine in France - have not seen it yet but the person who recieved it said it was all there.
Thanks again,

James Chopty - France

Hi Marino,
Just to let you know that my machine seems to be working ok. Thank you.
We like the coffee you sent to us. In the future we would like to try some different flavored beans - we don't like it too bitter. Can you suggest any others?
I have been looking to buy two Latte Coffee Mugs (The glass see-through ones) but haven't been able to fine any shops that sell them. Can you help with this.
Best regards

Sandra J Swift - United Kingdom

Hi there
I recently had some 'Caffe Italia' from you (supplied with a machine) which is absolutely gorgeous.
I would like to order some more, but notice that you only supply 5 x 500g bags - do you supply in any smaller quantities ?

Tracey Blanchard - England

Hi Marco,
Just to inform you.
The NEW Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder 2009 Ed. is resieved.
Thank you for cooperation.
All the best.

Karina Finland

Hi Marco
Arrived this afternoon.
Very many thanks
Barry Munton

Barry Munton - France

Thank you for your email. I am reassured about Gaggia. I have now received my parcel and am very pleased.

Deborah Porter - United Kingdom

Dear Marino,
Just to let you know that I have just received the Gaggia coffee machine and everything seems to be in order.
Grazie mille,

J. GRIXTI - United Kingdom

Honouring UK Warrantee when bought through coffeeitalia
Dear Sir
You can purchase the machine from Coffee Italia at any time, they will as ever respond of any trouble you might have. This Company is working with us since long time and we have never got any problem.
Best regards

Mario Malavasi - International Sales Manager - Italian Espresso Coffee Machines

Buenas tardes Teresa!
Hoy me ha llegado el café!!!!! Quiero agradeceros el servicio tan profesional que me habéis proporcionado y deciros que habéis ganado una clienta para muchos años!!!!!!! Cuando se me acabe el café, que calculo en seis meses, os compraré exclusivamente a vosotros.
He regalado café a unas amigas y estoy haciendo propaganda de vuestra empresa, porque sería importante que los españoles también fueran clientes vuestros.
El próximo correo cure os mande será para hacer pedido de café. Ruego le pases este correo a Marco, por favor.

Kathy - Spain

Hi Marino,
The coffee machine arrived yesterday in good condition, and is working fine so far.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,
Jonathan Amor

Jonathan Amor - England

Dear Marino Somma,
I would like to thank you for sending the milk frother so quickly. I recently opened a small Arts Cafe at the terrace, Seaton in Devon. We simply could not cope with the coffee machine that I have as it takes so long to froth the milk. Thanks to your wonderful machine we can now serve the lattes etc. in no time at all and they are perfect every time. I'm also amazed at how easy it is to swap from skimmed milk to full cream to soya. The staff are happy,the customers are more than pleased with their delicious drinks and I am overjoyed that we can deliver as promised!
thank you so much,
Anna Pola

Anna Pola - England

Hello Teresa,
The parcel arrived safely, and the machine is now making superb Italian coffee - in English!
Thanks for your help.
Best wishes,
Terry Bennett

Terry Bennett - England

Dear Marco,
Just to let you know the coffee machine and grinder you recommended arrived today and my husband is delighted. One very happy and satisfied customer!
Thank you
Best wishes,
Jane Warwick

Jane Warwick - England

Hi Teresa,
It was delivered yesterday (Friday) - it looks brill, can't wait to try it today,
Thanks for all of your help,
Chris (Mrs Ken)

Ken - England

Estimado Sr.
Ya he recibido la maquina en perfecto estado y funcionando a la perfección. Siento mucho haber sido persistente, pero seguro que me entienden.
Gracias por todo y tengan seguro que haré buena publicidad de Uds.
Antonio Pascual Gomez

Antonio Pascual Gomez - Spain

Hi Teresa
Just to let you know that I received the machine on Friday and it is in perfect working order.
Thank You

David Rea - Ireland

Hi Teresa,
Pleased to inform you 'baby' arrived on Wednesday, all OK !!

Allan Herring - England

Thanks Marco
They have finally delivered the machine in my office.
It is in the car i will take it home and make since weeks nice cup of coffee.
Thanks for your help
Best regards

Jan Van Essen - England

Thank you so much, your service have been very good!

Johan Sahlin - England

Hi Marino
The coffee maker has arrived safely - thanks very much. Very pleased.
Kind regards

Nick Evans - England


Alfonso Mellado - Spain

Thank you. I can assure you the machine was not scratched or damaged whilst with us. It was overheating, as previously described, but was only used for two days and then I contacted you, and you told me to return it.
Many thanks for your service. I will be happy to give you a testimonial for your website in due course.
Alan Rooney

Alan Rooney - England

I have received a Gaggia Gelateria and I am very pleased with it.
Best wishes
Sue Evans

Mike Evans - England

This has just arrived! Thank you

Paul - England

Hi Marino,
Thank you very much for your patience and help.
I received my replacement Gaggia machine on Monday and it is working beautifully!!!!
Just want to say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU for your help. KEEP UP the good work!!!!
Best regards.

Keong Chiah - England

Thank you, Sir. Very kind. Best of service.
Best regards

LarsMusik - Swiden

Hola, al llegaqr a casa telefonee y enseguida vinieron a entregarme la heladora, la pagué y la recibi correctamente.
Muchas gracias,
Elisa Urbano

Elisa Urbano - SPAIN

coffee machine arrived today, and is super, coffee excellent, and machine looks fab
many thanks
sarah birkinshaw

Sarah Birkinshaw - England

Hi Marino, it arrived today, and works well, I am sipping my first cappucino as I write this email, thank you

F FARDY - England

Buenos dias Teresa! que tal estas? Acabo de recibir el Kit para la heladora. Sólo me queda darte las gracias, y enviarte un abrazo de mi parte
Cuidate y espero poder volver a hacer tratos con vosotros. Gracias otra vez.

Ane Azcona - SPAIN

Hi Marino
Thankyou for the Gaggia Syncrony Logic coffee machine we are now in receipt of
We are very happy with the machine and enjoying the best cups of coffee
Many thanks I will recommend your company ROB

Rob Charlton - England

Hi, Order has now been received from DHL. Thank-you for your service.

Alan Gray - England

Hello Mario,The plug adapter arrived today,what a neat adapter it is!I am still getting used to using my Elektra micro casa but it is a joy to use. Thank you it has been a pleasure dealing with you.
Kind Regards David.

David - England

Thank you very much for the manual. The chef is delighted.
Kindest regards

Jan - England

hi Mariono
The machine arrived last thursday and my husband has been using it since it arrived he is delighted! thank you for the good service.


Hello again. Just to confirm that the refund has now come through. Thank you for sorting this out, and being so prompt with your replies to my emails. I will have no hesitation in buying from you again, and recommending your site in the future.
Kind Regards

Paul Winchester - England

Got my order to-day - thank you very much for your promt attention.
Kind Regards
Hazel Skuce

Hazel Skuce - Ireland

Hello Marino,
I'v received the machine already Thursday last week. I already made the first batch of Vanilla custard gelato. It works perfectly. BR Andras

Fáy András - Hungary

Arrived today superb!! MAny thanks

Agi Bryson - England

Machine arrived today. First decent cup of coffee since we returned from Australia.
Many thanks.

David Seddon - England

Hope this finds you well and I am so sorry that with all your help we have not been successful on this occasion. I assure you I will recommend your company and the service quality to my friends and colleagues.
As I have not yet heard form DHL can you please drop me a note to say that you are taking the machine back and will refund the purchase price to my credit card. I wish to buy a machine direct form Gaggia and although it is much more expensive I believe they will have the means to sort me out. I cannot do that until you have confirmed your plans.
Warm regards
Vincent Boni

Vincent Boni - England

Dear Teresa our coffee machine arrived today thanks for all your help
Regards Declan

Declan Kerr - Ireland

Machine received and works well. Many thanks. I will try to leave good feedback on your web site.
Alan Rooney

Alan Rooney - England

Just a line to say thanks for your advice and help
Its a great machine
Again thanks
Ray Bruen

Ray Bruen - Ireland

Dear Marino
Today I received my machine. Just want to tell you that I'm very pleased that I already received the parcel. Also very pleased with your order handling.
Thank you very much.

Flemming Petersen - Denmark

Vielen dank ,die Maschine ist heute mit UPS angekommen.
Der Betrag wurde bezahlt.
Nochmals vielen dank.
Gruß Silvia

Silvia Duda - German

Ray Squire

Ray Squire - England

Many thanks,
The goods arrived this morning box looks in excellent condition, but yet to open it.
Yours Sincerely

Philip Stainton - England

Yes thank you. It was delivered in time and in goods condition. Good stuff.
Jaffer Hamood

Jaffer Hamood - England

Dear Marino,
Thank you for contacting me so promptly. Could you let your shipping department know that the Bar Costales opening hours are between noon and 11:30 pm and we are closed on Tuesdays.
If I'm not in the bar then either my husband Stephen Walton, or our head bar manager Pat will sign for the machine.
Finding a good quality breadmaker on the web was turning out to be a nightmare until I found your company, and as all of your goods seem to be of top quality then I'm sure we'll be returning for other products.
Thank you & best regards,
Janette Fraser.
Bar Costales.

alectrum na - England

Thank you for your prompt delivery,I received the ice cream maker this morning,well packaged and in good order.
Will recommend your service.
Malcolm O'Leary

malcolm - England

Dear Marco,
I have just received my La Pavoni JDN Grinder. Many thanks for the advice and great service. Looking forward to the coffee!
Mick Molloy

Mick Molloy - England

Dear Teresa,
Thank you so much to you and your team for all your efforts which enabled the ice cream maker to arrive by Wednesday last week. I was able to fulfil my order for Friday and my clients were most happy.
Many thanks once again. I will highly recommend you to any of my clients.
Happy Christmas and a lovely New Year!
Kind regards,
Simon Gibson
Director/Head Chef

Simon Gibson - England

Dear Marco,
You will pleased to know that it arrived this morning (I have not got round to setting it up yet!).
Thank you for your excellent service.
Simon Terry

Simon Terry - England

thank you,
order received and working well!
Best regards,

Andy McNair - England

Just a quick note to say thank you for my La Pavoni Stradivari. I'm enjoying excellent cofee!
Mike Shimwell

Mike Shimwell - England

Dear dear Marco, My lovely Gaggia has finally arrived.
Thank you so very much. If I could send you an ice-cream I would.
Many thanks
Regards Elizabeth

Elizabeth Day - England

Hi Marco,
Many thanks.. the grinder arrived yesterday. I would like to thank you very much for the service you have given me. You were wonderful to deal with and I will hope to do business with your company again and all because of how helpful you were.
Please tell your boss I said thanks.
Best Regards,

Michael - England

Dear Marco,
I am getting good at making the coffee now!
It is absolutely fantastic and the coffee samples you sent are superb.
A very happy Christmas to you.
Thank you once again!
Best wishes

Simon Terry - England

Hello Teresa,
The parcel containing the Gaggia Espresso Color arrived this morning (Saturday Dec 22nd).
I would like to thank you and your colleague, at Coffee Italia, who I spoke to on Thursday night when ordering the machine, for your most prompt and efficient attention in getting this parcel to us in time for Christmas. It was specially requested and I had almost given up hope that I would find one in time. So thank you very much for making our Christmas so enjoyable.
I hope that you and your colleagues have a good Christmas.
Bob Evans

Bob Evans - England

I am happy to tell you that the item arrived on the 31st December.
I spent many hours trying to telephone DHL, when I eventually got through to them they advised me on the delivery. I made them phone me when they were within 1Km of my house, they did this and the item was delivered. You had addressed the parcel correctly, they had added a completely new and totally wrong address which was the whole problem.
Thank you for your efforts in getting the item to me.
David R. Merrett

David R. Merrett - England

I received the Elektra machine in good condition.
Thank you for the package for coffee.
It remains me to test it.
The delivery was a little long but I am satisfied all the same by the machine, and your delivery.
that was worth the sorrow to wait
thank you for your serious
Mme janson


Hi Marco,
The Gaggia Swing Up arrived on Thursday last week in perfect condition and is working fine, the cup and saucer set looks lovely.
Thank you for all your help, excellent service, competitive pricing and the fast delivery.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Huw Glyne-Thomas - England

Dear Marco,
I am getting good at making the coffee now!
It is absolutely fantastic and the coffee samples you sent are superb.
A very happy Christmas to you.
Thank you once again!
Best wishes

Simon Terry - England

Dear Marco,
Machine arrived on friday - in good condition.
It is now in use, and makes excellent coffee!
Many thanks for your prompt service - and also thanks for the 500g of coffee.
Buona feste!

Tony Ashe - England

Hi Teresa Great timing received Gaggia today 24/12/2007. Perfect timing for Christmas. Have a great Christmas
Thanking You
Jim Kennedy

Jim Kennedy - England

Thanks for sending the parcel so quick. I must say I am very happy with my GAGGIA machine :)
I was just wondering when I will get my free coffee beans?.... see below
I was looking forward to trying a new coffee bean..
Anyway once again thank you for you quick service
Happy New Year

Giulio Manganoni - England

Hello Marco,
I have taken my mixer from custom before two hours.
Everything is corect.
Thank you for all.
Best regards.

Nik - Serbia

Dear Marco,
Many thanks for the email. I receved the order just before I went away for Christmas and have thoroughly enjoyed fresh coffee every day.
Many thanks,

Kerry Tomaszewski England

The new ice cream maker arrived last week and is working perfectly. I would like to thank you and Caffè Italia for the excellent service and the manor in which you dealt with the problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others and hope to deal with you in the future.
Many thanks
Chris Mason

Chris Mason - England

Hi l sent a mail yesterday enquiring about my gaggia platinum swing which l had not received, l received it today many thanks l am delighted.
Sincerely Marjorie

marjorie dunne - England

Thank You! I look forward to shopping with you again as well as recommending your shop to my friends and colleagues.

Edward Graham - England

Just a short note to say thank-you for the speedy delivery of our Baby Gaggia - it is so good to have decent coffee again.   Sperb service - thanks
Gilbert Long

Gilbert Long - England


Usha - England

Dear Marco,
The new slicing machine arrived today and I wish to thank you and your company for the excellent service they provide. I wish more companies were like Italian Kitchen Aids and hope to be in touch again to buy a coffee machine.
Very best regards
Kevin from England

Kevin Carney - England

Hi Marco
I received the new Gaggia machine yesterday. It looks great and works.

R. Cotting - England

Dear Marco
Machine arrived Wednesday-super coffee!! Do you have stockists in UK for the Caffe Italia cofee beans ?
Mille Grazie.  

Eric Marshall - England

The parcel arrived today, excellent service, thanks.

Jon Skelton - England

Following my earlier email - just to let you know that the parcel arrived safely just after I pressed the 'send' button.

Kate Pullen - England

Dear Coffeeitalia!
Today my order (Gaggia Baby Twin, MDF grinder, and base) has arrived. I’d like to say thank you, your kindness, and the quick, perfect shipping, and buisness.
Yours sincerely,

Gergely Farkas - Hungary - Kőröshegy

Hallo,Mr. Marco!I got the machine and with that I'm happy. You did a good job... Would You,please like to have a bottle of good French wine or something... If Yes give me,please,the way to express my good wiches to You and to your Company! Thanks
Thanks for all your help.

- France

Thank you very much for getting back to me Marco – I really appreciate your kind help and support.
I’m really enjoying the Baby twin.
Thanks again and best wishes,

Ian Law - England

The coffee and pasta machines arrived today, and I've had my first cup of real coffee at home.
The Gaggia machine looks great.

Vincent - England

Ηι Marco,
I received today 13-9-2007 the coffee machine from the Ups local representative. They had received your message. Everything is OK and the machine operates properly. Thank you very much about your collaboration.
Best regards
Yiannis Meramveliotakis Γιάννης Μεραμβελιωτάκης - Greece
Dear Marco
I have received the coffee and plug, for which many thanks.   I am very pleased with the coffee maker.
Many thanks for all your efforts.   I shall try to visit next time I am in Italy.
Best wishes

Robert BroomField - England

Man that was fast. Never got the UPS info mail. But the machine was here in three days. Beauty. Have to get it hooked.
Looking forward to it. Thanx for your support so far!
kick 'n' rush

kris karathomas - Autor and Journalist - Hamburg - Germany

Ciao Marco,
Oggi ho ricevuto la macchina. Anche questa e veramente bella. Ho provato tirare la mia prima tazza, e funziona bene. Grazie!
Caro saluto,

Jörgen Nordin - Swiden

Good morning Mr Marco,
Just to confirm reception of our coffee machine a moment ago.
Thank you for your follow-up.

Miriam Rabinovitch & Serge Hascoet - France

I'm happy to announce, that the coffeemaschine have arrived and I'm happy to use it :-)
Kåre Regnarsson - Denmark
Thank you for your prompt response and the phone call.
Many thanks to you and your staff for your professionalism and friendly Manner, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New year

bob hale - Bristol - Great Britain

I received the coffee maker yesterday, the coffee is just so good.
Thanks a lot Marco.

- France

The machine arrived today in perfect condition.   Very fast delivery!
Many Thanks

Nick Huckle - England

TI AMO!  Multo Grazie!!!!!!!!!!!!
The knob is lightning and the mashine is making noises now. We are so much looking forward to the first cup of espresso from this artpiece of a coffeemaker. We will drink your toast!
warmest regards
Annette, Chantelle, Charmaine & Kirsten

- HAGEMANNS - Copenhagen

Bon giorno Marco
The espresso machine is working super! Thank you very much for the quick delivery and the service you offered.

Gerard Noordermeer - Netherland

I would like to express great satisfaction with the previous delivery from You, and my family is very satisfied with the Gaggia coffee maker now installed in our kitchen.
Best regards;

Viggo D. Olsen - Stavanger - Norway

Buongiorno Marco,
Success! Thank you very much for helping us to get our ice cream production underway this summer. The repaired machine arrived, rested and now is producing delicious ice cream. Today the flavor is green tea ice cream with lemon zest and fresh nutmeg, come taste for yourself one day.
With gratitude for your good service,
Susan & Hermann Jenny
Les Tuillières

Susan & Hermann Jenny - Pont de Barret - France

H i Teresa
We are happy to have received the icecream machine the other day, thank you for the good service.
Best regards
Kirsten and Peter Kjaersgaard,

Roskilde - Denmark

Thank you. That worked.
I had toasted some coffee myself and had not removed all the dust.
Followed the steps and got it back on track.
Will send you some words on your service.
Good, fast and reliable service. You keep what you promise. I am very satisfied. Thank you.

Anders larsen - Denmark

Dear Marco,
Just want to thank you and inform you that Milki Cappuccino Maker
I ordered arrived safely last Monday. Unfortunately I was not in town
to thank you immediately
Raoul Fuchs
Raoul Fuchs - Zagreb - Croatia
Hello Marco!
I've received both machines now and they're working wonderfully!

Max Langer - England

Hi Marco,
I’d just like to say thank you again for all your help with this, the machine arrived this morning (at the perfect moment) just in time for the person’s birthday J
I have been very impressed with both your service and prices, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I speak to or to order from you again.
Kind Regards,

Ben Parkes

Dear Marco,
I just wanted to thank you for sending me the coffeemachine. I'm very pleased.
Best regards,

Monique Bindels - France

Thank you. I look forward to fare un bel cafe nella macchina nuova.

Daniel Greenfield - Santa Barbara - USA

Good afternoon,
Just to say ice cream maker has arrrived , and am now going out to buy fruit, raspberries, strawberries, etc, and already have it in the freezer so can make icecream later.
Thanks everso..

Lynn - England

Hi Marco
thanks again for your trouble over the coffee machine, its excellent!
Great service.
thanks again

rolfe heffey - hastings, sussex - Great Britain

Hello Marco,
Thank you for your quick answer.

- Stockholm - Sweden

Thanks, really looking forward to receiving it!!

Jeremy Goddard - Houston - USA

No problem, thank you for your swift reply and I look forward to receiving the coffee marker.
Thanks again,

Jo and Tom Day - Wootton - Great Britain

Hello Marco!
The coffe machine now works. I would like to thank you for all help!
Everything from purchase to customer service has been handled in an excellent way by you and the company you represent.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Best regards

Kristian Ridefelt - Uppsala - Sweden

I'm going to meet my coffee friends in the weekend and I will give then a good cup of espresso (if I get the machine tomorrow).
I contact you early next week.
I will also send you the custom invoice for Norwegian tax/VAT when I have it.
Have a nice and dry weekend in Italy! I understand there is very "high water" in Venezia... here its snowing.

Lars Gunnar - Grimstad - Norway

The coffee machine is now in Norway and on its way to me :-)
I have 2 friends who also want to order. I recommended you... and you will at least have 2 new customers form Norway in the near future!
Best regards, Lars Gunnar lgheitmann@gmail. com

Grimstad - Norway

Dear Marco,
I just wanted to thank you for sending me the coffeemachine. I'm very pleased.
Best regards,

Monique Bindels - Paradera - Aruba

Hi Marco
Just dropping you a line to confirm I have received the grinder and cups.   Many thanks again for your excellent service.   Wishing you a very happy Christmas.

Mark Payne - Great Britain

Hi Marco
I just thought I’d let you know the Miniverticale has arrived.   It looks amazing!!  I haven’t made an espresso yet…  I hope the money from Paypal is going through.   Your service really is quite amazing.   With service like that, everyone should but from you.
Could you please let me know whether you are able to get hold of:
Macap MC4 Dosserless grinder
Macap Handle Dynamometric Tamper
Electra espresso coffee cups and saucers
Many thanks

Mark Payne - Great Britain

Hello Marco!
The coffe machine now works. I would like to thank you for all help!
Everything from purchase to customer service has been handeld in an excellent way by you and the company you represent.
Merry christmas and a happy new year!
Best regards

Kristian Ridefelt - Uppsala - Sweden

Dear Marco:
I picked up the Gaggia Titanium from UPS yesterday.   Thank you very much

Thomas J. Mangogna - USA

I have now received my coffee machine, Thank you.  
Melissa Pragnell

melissa - Dartford - Great Britain

HI Marco,
Don't worry, I haven't been around due to work commitments since Monday but I phoned UPS to tell them to deliver tomorrow as I will be at home.  
Many thanks for your great customer service and concerns
Best regards,

Michael & Amanda Scott - London - Great Britain

Thanks very much - the cups were very nice.

John nadine john - Brighton - Great Britain

Received coffee machine today many thanks for prompt delivery,let you know how it works at Christmas has it is a Christmas present.
I am sure they will be well pleased

RONA HENDERSON - United Kingdom

Dear Sir, have just received 5 (!) pod adaptors. And they work just fine. I am very much indebted to you and your firm. Thank you very much for your kind service. My confidence is completely restored.
With kind regards,
Gert Demmink

Demmink - BK Breukelen

I recieved Rancilio Silvia, Rocky, coffee, cups, tamper and naked portafilter yesterday. Everything was OK, and I´m learning to make fine home espresso. Thanks. I´m satisfied 


dear marco,   thanks for your help, the pannarello arrived and i have made an excellent cappucino. #
kind regards,  malcolm

Malcolm Collins - United Kingdom

I received my La Pavoni Domus Bar DMB on Friday, which was my birthday.
It arrived perfectly, on time, well packed, and is the best machine ever.
Thank you so much. Your customer service has been brilliant from start to finish.

Khan, Jafar S. - London

Hello Marco
Could you please let me know any progress concerning th Gaggia Gelatiera. Thank you.

Iain Lyons

Habe eine Rancillio Silvia bestellt. Konnte die Lieferung über UPS minutengenau mitverfolgen. Liefertermin wurde exakt eingehalten - sehr flott. Alles bestens! Silvia sowieso, die attraktivste Italienerin für den Hausgebrauch. Wir genießen den vorzüglichen Espresso. Alles absolut zum weiterempfehlen.

Peter Áldozó

Dear Marco,
Many thanks for sending the final items to me. I can happily report, all is well, and the machines are all running perfectly. The last naked portafilter you sent, whilst being the same, works as it should, and does not leak! It actually produces amazing shots, and from the same coffee, you extract a completely different type of espresso. I am very pleased, it is excellent.
Thanks SO much for your assistance in this transaction.
Please let me know once the ex-demo grinders are in stock, I am after 3 Rockys, ideally, non-doser models, but will look at what ever comes up.
Best wishes,

Vishal Vora - Stoke Newington

Hello, thank you for your service, it really works, the espresso coffee maker Gaggia i've got today is just Fantastic, love it, all day happy team


Hello Marco,
thank you for the order number last week. I got the delivery at wednessday. Everything is fine and the machine works great.
Please can you send me the bill for the order, I still did not get one?
For me it is ok to get the order as PDF, you do not need to mail it as a paper.  

Meik Romberg

Tnx - received it this morning and made my first triple espresso!

Edwin Foppen - GERMANY

Die Kaffeemaschine ist mir Heute geliefert worden , alles okay ! Herzlichen Dank Ihnen und falls ich wieder etwas benötige , werde ich sehr gerne wieder bei Ihnen kaufen !!! :-)

Monika Schneider

Excellent. Thanks a bundle and for your fast replies. We will then take the grinder into use. Wouldn't do so before we "talked". Sorry that we had to all these mails back and forth but looks like we are en route to good coffee again :)

Jacob Heisterberg Alexander

Thanks, but I bought one on the 23rd September (Did you not notice?).  
The delivery time was 8 working days, not 4.
Anyway, it’s working fine, and the Ice Cream is wonderful.
Best regards

Arne Christoffersen

Despite the difficulties, I must say that your customer service skills are very good.
Let me know should a grinder become available, I'll happily snap it up.
Best wishes Marco,

Vishal Vora

Hello Marco,
I just wanted to say that I last week received a very nice working ice cream machine that makes the most wonderful ice cream.
I know this must not have been a fun experience for you but I really appreciate all of your help and quick reply’s to my many emails. My wife and I will for sure recommend you to others.

Bo Holm Larsen

Hi Marco!
Everything has arrived. Thanx for all. Now we will serve the best coffee in the world.
Kindly regards


Thank you for your excellent service.

Mary Drummond

Thank you very much for the fantastic coffee machine. It was a quick delivery and a good price.

Errol van Duyker

Hello Bianca,
the heater is installed and my machine is working fine!
Thank you very much for your support and perfect service, best greetings from Germany,

Ralph Bienek - Germany

In the first shipping i received the wrong grinder. I therefore contacted u guys and u arranged the pick-up of the wrong grinder via UPS.
But what really surprised me in a positive way was that i received the correct grinder a few days later. Even before u received the wrong one in Italy.
That is what i call excellent service.

Palle Kamuk Nielsen

Hello Marco
Just to let you know the machine arrived on Monday as promised and I used it today and it worked fine. Thank you.

Clyde Weithers

Dear Marco,
It arrived safely, excellent - enjoying the coffee!
Kind Regards

James Bonham

Dear Caffee Italia
Further to receipt of my Gaggia (Order ID 14889) and our telephone conversation I can confirm that the machine works well and produces excellent coffee. Unfortunately as I mentioned there are two small visible dents on the left hand side of the column behind where the cups are placed. I would like to accept your discount of £50. 00 that you made.
I must say that the service provided by you was very good and I will recommend you to any friends that take an interest in the machine.

Mike Fountain

Thank you for your prompt reply.   Yes, you are correct - the UK site shows ground coffee.   It also shows a milk thermometer which I did not get.
The "blind filter" is in Section 6. 1, paragraph 1, on page 22.   Perhaps it means "empty filter".
And what about removing the insert from the portafilter?
Excellent, beautiful machine.   Fine coffee.   Thanks for your help.

John Steel

Just to confirm the machine finally arrived and was well tested over the weekend. Working perfectly.
Thank you for your perseverance and hard work in getting it to me.

Michael McAuley

Thank you Marco,
I believe that £50. 00 is a fair offer and I would like to accept. Although I am sad about the damage to the machine I am very happy with the quality after sales support from yourself and Caffè Italia.
Thanks again and I look forward to my son receiving a £50 refund on his credit card account.
Best regards

Paul Stockwell

Grazie per la sua email.  
I'm sorry, but I have bought the rancilio silvia elsewhere.  
I can confirm that my original order, the MDF Gaggia grinder, arrived safely. Thanks for your service.
I look forward to further purchases from your site.
Kind regards, 

James Hensman

By the way, the Rancilio Rocky that you recommended works great. I love it.

Chung, David - EQ

MARCO MORO sorroy for delay in getting back to you. BIG THANKYOU FOR NEW WATER TANK have machine up and running GREAT JOB many thanks again DAVID

D Campbell

Dear Marco hi,
They sent me a tracking number from UPS. So we are ok.
Thank you for your help and will be coming back to shop again soon.


Dear Bianca many thanks for your instructions thank god it worked !!! Coffee once more kind regards David Keayv
Sent from my iPhone

David Keay

Dear Sirs, just to confirm that order has arrived, thank You,
 Med venlig hilsen

Knud Jensen

Hi Marco,
Thank you so much for my machine, arrived safely in the UK and now back to South Africa.
Best regards


Hi Marco
Just to let you know ice-cream maker arrived and making delicious ice-cream!
Many thanks

Philip Shotton

Machine arrived today am and is Ok, thank you.
Kind Regards

Dorothy and Chris Towers

Coffee machine has arrived, safe and sound. Thank you

Val Gardner

Guten Tag Herr Marco Moro,
das Paket (99337) mit der "Silvia" habe ich wohlbehalten erhalten. Danke für den Caffè!
Anschließend war ich weg, übe jetzt das Milchaufschäumen, muß leider sehr fein gemahlenen Caffé kaufen.
Ich brauche noch eine Mühle, weiß aber noch nicht welche. Vielleicht wissen Sie eine passende?
Auf jeden Fall kann ich Sie sehr guten Gewissens weiter empfehlen!
einen angenehmen Tag wünscht

Ulrich Schlicker - Germany

Thank you! It just arrives in time :D

Petra Ruonakoski

Hello Marco,
My new machine arrived safely yesterday. It seems to be working well.
Thank you for your efficient service.

John Gargan

Machine arrived works brilliantly

Bryan Levine

received the parcel today!


Hi Marco
Just to say order arrived this morning as promised by UPS. Absolutely delighted with machine and very pleased you talked me into changing my original order from a Saeco giro plus to a Saeco Syntia.
The Syntia looks stunning in my kitchen. The coffee tastes superb. Thanks for everything.

Mark Hope

Salve Marco,
la macchina è arrivata. L’ho istallata ieri, tutto aposto. Fa un caffè fantastico.
Grazie per tutto e a presto.

Mirko Paradiso

He recibido el envío de la cafetera Elektra Mini Verticale + molinillo en perfectas condiciones.
Gracias por su atención y servicio.
Recomendare su pagina Web a amigos y en foros de cafe.
Sin otro particular, reciban un cordial saludo.


Dear Marco
The 'Crema Perfetta' attachment arrived.
I was very happy with the process of ordering from you. Very efficient. Many thanks.
Best wishes


Hello Marco Moro,
we are so happy with this wonderful La Pavoni! Thansk fort he service, I´ll recommend you to everybody.
15-18th of august I´m in Venice, if you want I would be glad to invite you to an coffee as thanks. If you want and have tome for this please let me know your mobile phone no and I´ll phone you when I´m there. Or give me a meeting point and time, I´m staying theses days at Lido di Venezia.
Thnakd fort he service and the personal help.

Elmar Kuhn - Österreich

Dear Marco,
I just wanted to let you know that the part has arrived, and will be fine.
Many thanks for your help, and would you thank Elektra for me as well - the machine is beautiful- and the quality of the espresso is excellent.
Best regards,


Good afternoon Marco.
My coffee machine arrived today, a day earlier than I expected, I am very pleased with it!
The package included Cups, coffee and descaler as advertised, rather than no cups  as we discussed, but that’s not a problem.
I can also see the refund on my credit card for the double charging, thanks for that.

Steve Derbyshire

Hi Marco 
My machine has arrived and when I'm home on Friday I shall try it.
Thanks for everything
Kind regards

Marcel Dolder - United Kingdom

Hi Marco
Just a quick note to say thank you for the reply and service, which has been great.
The response from Isomac was excellent and has put my mind at rest.
Please pass on my gratitude.
Kind regards

John McGauley

Dear Marco
Just wanted to tell you that we are thrilled with our new coffee machine.  The coffee tastes wonderful.
Thank you.
Great Customer Service and great product too!

Theresa Ross - United Kingdom

Hello Marino,
I am writing to thank you for your efforts and help in arranging the replacement of Jura coffee machine for me. I am really pleased with the coffee it makes.
Can I please ask you to forward me the invoice for my purchase as I never received it.  Also, would like to ask if you sell accessories for this machine, as I am looking for the part to prepare milk for latte.
Many thanks
Best wishes

baltak P - Swanley

Hallo Herr Moro,
hat alles gut geklappt! Die Maschine ist am Donnerstag angekommen. Wir freuen uns sehr!

Andrea Rosenbaum - GERMANY

Dear Marco,
I hope you remember me. I received the Elekra and grinder at Heathrow and now safely in Cape Town. the side light does not work but not a problem and may have got injured in transit.
It makes magnificent coffee and I am very pleased I bought it.
Best regards,
Ian Woods

Ian Woods

Dear Caffee Italia
I orderd the  Special New Set Offer: Gaggia Classic 2 + La Pavoni Jdn + La Pavoni Crome Base
and now would like to get a TAMPER what size tamper should i get

also I must say the service and help i received from you was super  and the gaggis classic was super i am making  good coffee now thanks to you

all the best Owen

Owen Ferguson

Sehr geehrte Frau Bianca
Die Maschine ist heute in einwandfreiem Zustand und mit allem Zubehör bei mir angekommen, und hat auch schon Ihren ersten Cappuccino produziert!
Vielen Dank

Andreas Gilgenberg - Innsbruck

I've now received the replacement machine and everything appears to be working perfectly.
Many thanks for sorting this out.

Tony Schmitt

Thank you
So sorry to have caused confusion.
Looking forward to receiving my machine.   Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Jasmine Blood

Dear Marco
I received my coffee machine today and will try it this evening.
Thank you.

Theresa Ross - Doncaster

Thank you for excellent service.

Nomaden Espressobar - Norway

Thank you for your quick and positive response. This has certainly restored my confidence in your company, and I will recommend your website to friends, colleages and family.
Thank you.
Best Regards

Poul Christiansen

Just to let you know our machine arrived today and I am very happy with the product and service.  
It might in future be worth you mentioning to UK customers they need a 2 - 3 pin plug adaptor however.
Best regards

Matt Bridge

Dear Marino
Thank you so much for sending through the spare part which arrived today.

Nick Hare

OK, thanks, I now have my machine and it is working well!


El pedido ha llegado correctamente Sr. Moro. Muchas gracias.
Estoy deseando probar la máquina.
Un cordial saludo.

Antonio Robles

Hi Marco 
I don't know if you received my previous e/mail as it came up with an error message but
UPS have just notified me that the ice cream maker has been delivered.  
Thanks again 

Marcel Dolder

Hi Marco 
UPS have just notified me that the ice cream maker has been delivered.  
Thanks again 

Marcel Dolder

Hi Marco
I absolutely love my Isomac and use it every day!
However, today the power switch (on/off) blew out... is it possible for you to send me a new one?¨
My order number was 9781.

Teit Agger

Received the coffee machine yesterday and commissioned it today.   It makes a great cappuccino!
Please confirm that the the Registration Card is to be sent to Importika in the USA, or advise to the contrary and also be aware that the date of purchase will be longer than the 10 day period required.

M J Brown

Hello Marco,
                    I have recieved the machine today and am very happy with it. Thank you for your help.
Best Regards

Malcolm Spring - United Kingdom

Thank you for your message.
The new machine arrived at my house yesterday, we have used it several times already and it is fantastic!
Many thanks

Pauline Wakeman

Muchas gracias por la factura y la rapidez del envío.
        Francisco Delgado

Paco Delgado

The order arrived, thank you very much. Looking forward to using it!
Thanks again,

Ray Barron - Ireland

Hi There.
The part has arrived and is now successfully fitted.
Thank you for doing that - I really appreciate it; it saved me a lot of hassle, and it was interesting to see inside my coffee machine!
You're a quiet bunch when it comes to communications, but you do a really good job in the end - which is what matters!

Mark Whitling

i would klike to say a big thk you for the coffee machine your services with great i will deal with you again many thks mrs scozzaro

maria scozzaro - United Kingdom

Thanks Marco.  That's great!
I appreciate your support on this.
I remain impressed by the quality of your customer service both before and after sale and have recommended your company to others.
Kind regards,
Dan Stackhouse

Dan Stackhouse

Hi Marco
I am very greatful to you as I have received the 2 machine package this morning. Thank you

- United Kingdom

Hi Marco,
The refund finally came through on Wednesday.
Many thanks and best regards,

Gavin Pattison

Hi Marco, the machine arrived safely and it is great but the free coffee cups are missing. Can you forward please.

Helen Couzens - United Kingdom

La Silvia e' arrivata ieri. Che bellezza e che sapore!
Grazie a tutti.


Thanks for your prompt response, much appreciated.
The Silvia is making great coffee by the way
Best regards

Diffey, Phil (Phil)

Muchas gracias Bianca,
He hecho lo que me has dicho y se ha solucionado el problema.
A partir de ahora ya lo tendré en cuenta si vuelve a pasar.
Y gracias tambien por enviarme el modelo de tamper correcto.
Felicidades por vuestro servicio al cliente.
Un saludo,

Angel - España

Great, I'll do that and for your information I have received the returns labels as per your e-mail so the machine will be shipped off this week.
I truly appreciate your professionalism in handling this!
Have a continued nice day,
Best Regards,

Martina Ekström - Denmark

Thanks Marco
Will definetly recommend you in the future.
Kind regards,

John White

Dear Mr. Moro,
Thank you very much for your quick response and for resolving this matter so speedily.
I would like to thank you for an excellent shopping experience with Caffee Italia. The machine is wonderful, arrived safely and any of my queries were dealt with efficiently and to my satisfaction. I will certainly consider your company for any of my future purchases.
Patricia Celinski

Patricia Celinski - United Kingdom

Dear Marco,
thats a great pleasure form e! Thanks for this confirmation. I´m very happy with the unbureaucratic help and the fast service.
I wish you a happy week with not so much rain as we have here in Vienna.
Best wishes

Elmar Kuhn - Wien

Hi again !
I wrote to you yesterday about my order of an icecream-machine, Forget my email, i just recived the pakage today, so thank you.
Best regards
Ricco Kirkeby

Trine & Ricco Kirkeby

Thanks for that - I went ahead and ordered it from you. Impressed by your range, your understanding of coffee and the good prices.

Barry C

I have been really impressed with the service you have given me since buying the coffee machine. The good news is at this moment in time..   After the steam valve opening on two occasions , I decided to try it with strict supervision one more time before parceling it  to return to you. It acted perfectly, no steam from the safety valve, even after leaving it for an hour. So this being the case I shall try it for the next week every day and if it does start to omit steam from the safety valve again, I will return it with the UPS label I have received.  I have 10 days to act. I am sorry to have troubled you and I just hope my machine continues to have no more problems. Thanking you again
                                                        Yours Sincerely Jean Lee

Jean Lee

Dear Marco,
Thank you very much for the information. The parcel already arrived today. Wonderful.
Many thanks for your quick response.
Patricia Celinski

Patricia Celinski

HEllo Marco,
I have just received the grinder, and am very happy! Many thanks for your service!

Bram Stouten - NL

dear marco,
otday the rancilio silvia and the rocky sd arrived. thank you for the quick delivery! i will recommend your shop. can you tell me wha there are two tubes in the water tank of the coffee maker? only one is shown in the manual, and one is too short t oreach the bottom of the tank.
thank you for your help!

Christian Winter

Hi Marco,
The machine arrived last week and is working FINE!
Thank you for your service
Ian Hastie

Ian Hastie - Lancs

I have managed to find the missing part and can confirm that the machine is now working.
Thanks for your help!!

Jason James - United Kingdom

Machine received  
Thanks very much!

pierre - France

My machine is working very well. I am delighted with it. Do you know what I should do to de-scale it?
Any ideas would be appreciated
Many thanks
Paul Withers

Paul Withers - United Kingdom

Great, thanks Marco. I’ve just completed the order (order number : 13313)
Thanks for your help – and the great price.
Have a nice weekend.
Ps. If you would like to use me as a reference customer in Sweden I’d be more than happy to help.

Andrew Grace

To day I have received my free goods, I would like to say thanks to Marco for help with appreciation.
Thanks again
Mahesh Patel 

Mahesh Patel - United Kingdom

They arrived yesterday and are wonderful. Beautiful pieces of Italian design and fabulous espresso.
Thanks and I hope your business continues to succeed.

James Salmon - London

Dear Marco,
I just want to tell you about the happy end now.
The replacement machine works like a dream!
Thanks for the extra Illy's!

rolf mogensen - Skåne

I received my delivery from you a couple of weeks ago – the Pavoni professional that you sent to me in Sweden. Many thanks for the quick delivery!!! I’m really pleased with it – and an slowly learning the art!
I’m also interested in the ex demonstration Jolly Dosato Lusso grinder that you have, and a Proff base.
Could you give me a good price for both the demo grinder and a base??
Many thanks, Andrew Grace

Andrew Grace

We love our new jura machine all arrived safe and sound,you also sent us coffee beans which were delicious is it possible to order a box of the same coffee beans ?
Yours rosemary

Rosemary Kent - Ireland

Now I have got my ice cream machine back from repair.
They say that there was nothing wrong, it works and they had make ice cream on it.
Now I have the tests the ice cream four times and it works very well.
I apologize if I caused problems.
I am very pleasure for the excellent service that you have set up with.
I will continue to buy from you and I will recommend Caffè Italia to my friends.

Regards Michael

Hi Caffe Italia
Thanks for the great service. My Gaggia Classic arrived in great time and I have just pulled some pretty decent shots with it.
Kind regards

Customer Service Caffè Italia

Dear Sir/Madam,
I recently began experiencing a number of operational problems with the Saeco Odea Go machine purchased in June of last year. I contacted the local repair office, listed on your site, for assistance.
The machine was serviced by Giovanni two weeks ago and is back to perfect working order. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very quick with my repair, which means our family is back in business. Many thanks to Giovanni for his reliable service.
Feel free to contact me with any queries.
Kindest regards,
Mary Lynch

Mary Lynch - Dublin

Thankyou I received the cups.
It was a pleasure to deal with your company.

David McCleave - United Kingdom

Estimado  Señor  Marcos,   para   mí, lanza   de  la  esperanza,  te  aseguro  y  aunque suene  repetitivo  no  tendré  nunca  suficientes  palabras  de  agradecimiento.
Yo  pensaba   que  ya  no quedaba  gente   como  yo  en  los negocios,  que   todo  lo hacen  por  dinero,  que   venden  su   alma  al diablo  y  no ven  más  que  el reflejo  de  su  sombra.
Te  agradezco  y  le doy gracias   a Dios  de  que  te  haya  puesto  en  mi  camino  y    que  hoy  estés   iluminando  mi  futuro.
Bueno  repito  y  me repito…grac…grac…grac…
Te  remito  mis  datos:

carol sanz - VALENCIA

Hi Marco
Got my machine today , lovely !!
But didn't get my coffee....
Any ideas when it will come ?
All the best Peter.
Sent from my iPhone 

Peter Kandalaft

Marino, Thankyou!! The new machine arrived yesterday, I set it up today, it works Hurray!!
Thankyou for organising it.
I do still have one question - the 'optional' Crema Perfecta which I ordered wasn't in the replacement package.
I'm sure that your returns department will be able to confirm that I did include ALL items in the returned box.
As I explained in my previous email (faulty machine, gaggia crema perfecta + complimentary cups & coffee - I thought it would be better to keep it simple. )
Perhaps it has been sent under separate postage?
Thankyou for your attention.

Sarah Wakeley

Hi Mario,
Just want to find out how the price for the coffee that you sent with our Jura F50 machine is please ? We will need a fresh supply soon.
You'll be glad to know we are absolutely delighted with the machine and the coffee. It is really amazing. Beautiful ! Thank you thank you!

Marty Byrne - Ireland

Just to say that the Evolution coffee machine arrived exactly to schedule and have used it a few times!  It is brilliant! 
Many thanks for your help.
Best regards

Lorraine Harding

Buonasera Bianca,
ho ricevuto oggi mia macchina,finalmente. Perfetta.
Grazie infinite.
Just got today coffee machine,working perfect. I'm happy.
Thanks a million.


Hi Marco
Received the new machine today.  It works perfectly, many thanks fir all your help.


Dear Marco,
Just a quick note to say thank you again for all your help, patience and understanding in this exchange process. We really appreciate the flexibility you have demonstrated and will recommend italiankitchenaids. com to your friends whenever we can!
Best regards,

Diederik Sillevis Smitt - Netherlands

Ok, el problema se ha solucionado; decirles que estoy muy satisfecho con el resultado de la cafetera y quería saber si esta necesita algun tipo de mantenimiento.
Muchas gracias Marino Somma
Agradecido por la rápida contestación,

angel español gilabert

Hi Marino,
The part arrived just fine.
Thanks for your assistence.
One last question; can you please mail me a invoice ?
best regards, Karl

K. Rietveld

It seems like your advise was ”spot on”!
The machine is now heating the water and making steam.
Thank you – you saved me a lot of guarantee troublesome work, and now I know what to do if it goes cold again.

Ottesen, Frederic

Hi Marino
Coffee machine arrived today - and worked first time immediately we switched it on!
Many thanks.   Regards
Michele Byrne 

Michele Byrne - United Kingdom

Thank you Marco for the quick service and I would like to say that the machine is fantastic just waiting to try it out.
Regards Stuart Gibb.

stuart gibb

Marco – coffee machine just arrived – it looks fab!

Maxine Johnston

yes thanks marco, it arrived this morning and the machine looks fantastic, thankyou for the invoice, reimbursement and putting up with a 'pushy' customer!!
 rob fardell

rob fardell

Dear Marco,
On your recommendation we bought the De Longhi coffee maker. We are very happy with it so far.
Many thanks for your help,

Catherine Sinnott

Hi Marino,
               Thanks again for this, the grinder arrived safely and works brilliantly.
                                         David Marshall

David Marshall - United Kingdom

Guten Tag Herr Moro,
 für die schnelle Zusendung der Rancilio Geräte möchte mich bei Ihnen bedanken.
Heute werde ich dazu kommen die Geräte auszuprobieren und den Espresso zu genießen:
Mit freundlichem Gruß

Luigi Pirosa - Deutschland

Thanks for the info.
Machine has now arrived and dispensing coffee.


Hello Marco,
We received our Belle Epoque this afternoon. Thank you very much.
The service you have given us has been absolutely superb. It has been a
long time since I have dealt with such a competent professional company.
It was important to us that we have our machine in good time for the
opening of our cafe and you moved heaven and earth to make this happen.
For this I am truly grateful.
I will recommend your company to everyone I know. and would recommend
it to anyone.
Please feel free to use this message on your testimonials page.
Very Best Regards,

Morayshire - Scotland

I recieved the new filter holder two days ago. Thank you for the fast delivery. The espresso machine works perfectly, and I start each day with a good espresso. I can surely recommend you to others.
Lars Melhus

Lars Erik Brustad Melhus - Norway

Hi Marino
I received the machine and the refund. Thanks for your help with everything.

Akshaya Joshi - United Kingdom

Dear Marco
I have received the machine this morning and its magnificent. I even had my first coffee and it was superb.
Thank you for all your assistance and support.   I recommended you and your company to all my friends for a future purchase.  

Haris Photiades - Nicosia

Hi Marino
Just a quick note to let you know the Silvia arrived today, thanks.
All is well, will be back in touch when it's time to buy a Rocky :-)

Paul Martin - Sweden

Many thanks, Marino. we have received our baby and are delighted with it.
kind regards,

Kate Rankin

Dear Marino,
I received the machine yesterday, many thanks.
Best regards,

Ooms, MB (Maarten) - United Kingdom

Dear Marino,
We received the new machine quickly and after 2 months, it is still going really well. My husband's coffee drinking habit has doubled due to the Jura Ena 5 (I'm not sure if this is a good thing!) and even I, a non coffee drinker can make him the perfect cup.
Thank you so much for all your help

Samantha Turner - United Kingdom

I received the grinder now. Everything is fine.
Thank you for good deal.

Viktor Klátil

Many thanks for your help. Following your instructions below the machine is now working! Success! And we really love it - great coffee at last.
Kind regards


Dear Marco,
Thanks for the crema perfetta disc.
It works! Finally.
Yours sincerely,

Stephan Mayer

The machine arrived today. Thank you. It is great.

Chris Ribbius - Netherlands

Hi Marino,
Coffee machine arrived safely and is fantastic. Thank you for the coffee and cups etc.
Cordiali saluti,

Abbiss, Michael

As a past customer of yours I feel I should point you towards this website who seem to be discrediting you. It states many times to beware buying from you. Here is one example.  

Robert Moretti

Dear Bianca,
I received the ice-cream machine this morning! Thank you for the quick response!
Kind regards,
Hans Maes

hans maes

Than you very much, the part just arrived.
Now I am really happy with my new Silvia, and I can recommand you.

Martin Diesch - Germany

Hey Marino,
It's arrived. Just made some strawberry ice cream and everything worked fine.
Many thanks.
Multi grace

Duncan Harris - London

Hi Marco,
I Received the La Pavoni!!
Thank you!
Great Machine!

Elmar Wulf

Hi Marco. Have been iced in since before christmas, So letting you know quite late i recieved my machine, it's fabulous ! thank you and DHL were also amazing in making sure it was delivered and double checking.
I burnt the turkey to a crisp but did'nt care because i had excellent coffee !
thanks a mil kate

melie o'mahony

Thank you for the messages.  The Pavoni has arrived safely and is working OK
Many thanks

A I Mallet - United Kingdom

Hi Marino,
just to let you know that we received the machines today, and have produced our first batch of ice. Very nice.

Andreas S. T. Brunvoll

Hello Marino
The Gelatissimo is working fine, and I want to thank you for good service.
Happy New Year from Sweden.
Best Regards
Peter Horn

Snobben - Sweden

The machine has now been received.   Many thanks

Christine Schauerman

We have now received the coffee machine and are very happy with it, thank you.

Tony DeMaio

Hi Marco,
Both machine and refund have been received ok, thanks very much.

Chris Skates

Thank you.   The coffee machine has arrived safely.   Please can you email me a receipt for guarantee.

Valerie Richardson

I had recieved the ice maker today.   Now it have to stand for 12 hour so tomorrow I will make the first ice.
Thank you and
Best regards

Christel Schwedmann - Germany

Hey Marco
I recived the ice maker today J  

Jan Kaiser - København K

Dear Marino
Replacement parts revieved. Much appreciated.
Kind regards

Ake Lofgren

The parcel was sent you by DHL.
> Regards
> Giorgio Stella

Charles De-Richelieu

Dear Marino
My Gaggia espresso machine was returned yesterday, and I am very happy with it.
My advice is that you need a better system for keeping customers informed via email during repairs.
But today, I am a very happy customer!
Thank you,


Dear Marco
The replacement arrived on Friday and works perfectly
thank you for you help

Andrew Scott

Thanks for your help, the coffee machine arrived yesterday.
Thanks again, Steph

stephanie mackenzie - United Kingdom

Just a quick note to say how thrilled I am with my new Gaggia Titanium ss, I'm glad that I chose the Ti' SS over the swing up, as it performed brilliantly  & looks stunning! The Caffe Italia coffee also tastes great, thankyou guys, kindest regards Anthony Robertson


Ciao Marco!!
La macchina ha arrivato questa mattina!
E bellisima... Gracie per tutto, gracie mille! :)
Ti diro in qualche jorni come va il gelato..
Best Regards

Georgina Efstathiou

Gentilissimo Sr. Somma,
l'oggetto del email attuale è di informare a lei che finisco di ricevere l'ordine. Tutto è arrivato correttamente e bellamente disposto.
Grazie mille
Dani Expósito


Hello Marino Somma
Thank you very much,
yesterday one hour after I wrote the email to you I get a phone call on my handy, that the unit will arrive in half an hour.
I drive home quickly so that I can receive the unit.
Thank you very much, every thing is okay.
I know that you do not sell La Marzocco on your website.
But because your price for the faema was so good, that I ask you:
Are you able to deliver a la marzocco gs3 paddle?
Or a la marzocco linea paddle?
If yes, what is your price for a single group machine?
Thank you very much!
Best regards
Alexander Gerling

Alexander Gerling

Dear Marco.
That was a fast answer, thank you very much!!
Now I understand. Salt (NaCl) is only to be used when I shall clean the
I have now the necessary information for setting the parts together. Soon thick crema will be coming out of my Elektra.
By the way; we have made espresso and cappuccino from your Caffè Italia roasted beans on my old Nuova Simonelli Oscar; grinded on my old Rancillo Rocky. - It was a damn good coffee!
Thank you again!

Anders Mølvig

Received yesterday morning thanks,  Am very pleased with the machine.   Thanks,  David

David Wareing - United Kingdom

Good Afternoon Marco / Marino,
Just to let you know the coffee machine arrived this afternoon - super fast delivery and service! We have just enjoyed our first coffee and look forward to enjoying many more!
Kind Regards

Marco and Liz

Hello Marino,
Last Friday received the espressomachine in good working order & additional gifts as planned.
Leaves me to say it works fantastic and I'm very happy with it. Would like to thank you and the rest of the team for your efforts ;
Kind regards,
Walter Machielsen


Hi Marco
Yes we received the coffee maker Tuesday evening, and yesterday we tuned it in. It is making very nice coffee. Thanks for the deal.

Henrik Corneliussen

And it just arrived right now!  Thank you :-)
Mikkel Friis-Holm

Mikkel Friis-Holm

The machine was delivered in pristine order. Thank you very much!
Kind regards,
Thomas Pot

Thomas Pot

Good evening Marino,
Thank you very much for providing this information, I hvae passed it on to the repair centre.
I appreciate your help and level of customer support.
Best Regards
Lois Hilton

Lois Hilton

Hi Marco,
Just to let you know that the package arrived safely this morning with DHL, and I am delighted with it. Also many thanks for the lovely kilo of coffee which was included.  
Posso sentire l'odore già bella Italia!
Thanks again for all your help.
Best wishes,


Hello Marino,
Received grinder on Wednesday. Thank you.

Chas. McBride

Hi Marco,
thanks for the update. I recieved the machine and the cups and coffee on friday and just wanted to say thankyou for your service and that I'm very pleased with the machine.
I'll be giving you a bell to get some supplies shortly I'm sure,
best regards,


Nat Wilson

Hello Marco The Isomac coffee machine I ordered had arrived on Thursday in my company to.... she is just beautiful and perfectly wonderful. Now, finally, there is perfect cup of coffee... Thanks for the effort and the quick service. Will you spread the word of friends Many greetings from the Black Forest Frank

Frank Ampßler - Germany

Dear Teresa
I just wanted to confirm to you that the new Titanium machine has arrived and is working.
Thanks for your assistance with this.
Kind regards,

Liz Barr

The machine arrived yesterday and we are now enjoying the wonderful coffee.   Thank you for your prompt responses when dealing with my enquiries.
Kind regards, Andrew

Andrew Reynolds

hello Marino,  Just a quick email to say a big thank you for the coffee and cups.   They arrived safely and I am enjoying the coffee.   Thanks again    Kind Regards  Morag

Morag Colley

Mr Marco Moro
Dear Marco,
The coffee machine arrived yesterday evening. We haven't unpacked it yet; but I would just like to thank you in person for finally resolving the situation.
Thanks you very much Marco!
Best regards
Geoff and Christine Halsey


today we received the maschine here in Mallorca by DHL
Thank You for the delivery, it was a good and fast job.

JW - Spain

Just to inform you that my order was successfully delived today and is operating well. Thank you Mr Clayton
> Give a call to dhl over the phone here: 0844 248 0844 with your
> tracking
> number: JD000299005807070537
> Best regards
> Marino Somma

richard clayton

It arrived at 1730 (only a few hours after i sent the email) today and the first cup has just been made!
Thanks very much for your help anyway.

Travis Johnston

Dear Sir,
We received the ice cream maker. Thank you very much.
With kind regards,

Roelie Vredeveld

Hi Marino
Yes many thanks for the great service.
Excellent machine.

Stu Whisson - United Kingdom

I got my machine friday, amazing... Thank you for excelent service!
Kind Regards

Jakob Rasmussen - Naverland

Juhhuuu!! got my machine today!!!! thanks!
cant wait to sett it up in my kitchen... I wil send you a picture of it when i do. (monday)

have a nice weekend!

Josef Kleven

Thank you - I received the machine today.
Best regards

Charlotte Kjær - Denmark

Hello Marko,
I have decided to stick with the machine. It is really great and the coffee beans you sent are excellent and the aroma is superb. The machine really has many features and simple to use.
Sure, the electric tray is a nice feature, but I think one can do without.
I will contact you in future for any bean, filter or other supplies I may need.

Mark Ryan - United Kingdom

Dear Marco
My icecream maker has just arrived thank you
kind regards

roger harris

Hi Marino,
Machine arrived safely today all intact.
Very pleased and thank you for your speedy help
Best regards................ Geoff

Geoff Ruddell

Oh – would you look at that – the big truck just arrived and delivered to me my beautiful coffee machine and ice cream maker.    Thank you so much.

Tina Fothergill

I do what you said.
Oggi, tutto va bene. Fa qualche minuti, ho ricevuto la Magic Vac.
Molte grazie per la sua pronta risposta.

PION Mireille

Just to say many thanks for your patience.   Coffee machine excellent.   Don’t know what we did without it.


Many thanks for your excellent service.

John C Finney - United Kingdom

Hello Marino,
the Musso Icecreammaker arrived yesterday. It was well packed and it works pretty nice! Very nice machine!
Thank you very much,

Michael und Nadja van Brügge

Dear Marco,
The order arrived today, we are moving in the great machine.
Thank you very much.
                                                               Yours truly
                                                               Takashi Yagi

八木貴志 - Japan

Dear Magnoler
The new Gaggie Gelatiera arrived safe and sound whilst we were on holiday - our neighbour took it in.    All appears to be well and I shall be using it today.    Thank you for your help in replacing it.    Kind regards Geraldine

Geraldine Grave

Hello Marino
I have recieved my Isomac Tea - its a beauty, so I am very happy :o)
Can you please mail me an invoice regarding my Order: ID: 8475.
Thank you

Marino Somma C. Italia

Portafiltros recibido.   Muchas gracias y hasta la próxima compra.

Juan Díez Medrano - Spain

Thank you very much!
Yes, besides the customs in Indonesia everything is perfect. You have provided excellent support...
Best regards

Kim Silander - Bali Branch

Marco, all sorted with my Baby, Gaggia found a spare part and sent it no charge. I am making delicious cappucino now. Thank you for your help.

Day Peter G - London

Dear Marino,
Received replacement water tank today.   Tried machine - Fantastic!
Thank you so much for your patience and prompt response.
Many thanks,
Colin Porter.

Colin Porter - West Sussex

Thank you very much, i must say you’re service is perfect and the machine also.


Hi Marino,
Satisfaction at last!!!!!!
I'm enjoying a cup of good coffee!!!
Thank you

Liesl F

HI Marino, I received the parcel. Both appliances seem to work perfectly ! Thanks very much.

François e

For the attention of Marco
Thankyou the machine has arrived today.
It is lovely, thankyou.   I will look at your coffee is there one in particular you would recomend please?
bearing in mind we do like the black lavazza 100% aribica ground coffee.
I will let you know tomorrow about the espresso we have from the machine.   Its for use on our Motorhome so the plug attached is correct for us as its european plugs.
Many thanks & the packing was superb!
kindest regards

Diana Rush

Dear Marco Moro
First of all I want to thank you and your company services, everything was perfect. I received the machine today, powered Miss Silvia up and she was working
perfect. She is a charm!
Second, I ordered the machine Cash on delivery! Please find out who made the mistake sending me the machine without me paying. Today when I went to the DHL office they gave me the machine without telling me to pay. I asked them if they are sure, and they told me that everything is o. k. and that I dont need to pay. Please check this out.
Thank you!

alex panagoylis

May I take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the excellent service,delivery and price  of the price of the Gaggia Gelatiera which arrived yesterday. If only all shops were as efficient!!!

Many thanks... David Neale

Hi Marco,
Thank you for the unit which I received today.    Haven't unwrapped it totally yet, but it looks beautiful! 
ANyway, just wondering - for when I start in a couple of weeks to practice the ice cream making, where can I get stabilizer?, as though we have plenty of eggs, I don't want to use them.   Would like to keep flavourings etc as natural as possible, and keep my costs down at the same time.  

Bridget Sullivan

I posted photos of the Isomac TEA II on my flickr account and over night it got 490+ views.
This is almost like free advertising for Isomac.
Check out the photos of the machine I ordered from you and the first shots pulled on it.
http://www. flickr. com/photos/kayakman/sets/72157616171077383/

Brett Pavia

Sorry meant to email this afternoon to say a big Thank You!
Arrived, unpacked and brewing well - think coffee even better than old E85
Getting to grips with the settings etc..... good excuse to drink more fabulous coffee!
Really fantastic looking forward to trying your coffee when current pack of beans has been used up........ could be very soon unless I can persuade myself not to keep pressing the "start" button!!
Thanks again.

Bisset, James - LEOMINSTER

Dear Marco
We have received the machine today by DHL.  I would like to say that it was well packaged and we will enjoy our coffee.
Best regards
Janet Clarke

janet clarke

Ciao Marco,
L"Elektra e arrivta oggi!
Il fonod del polistirolo espanso era staccato in fondo sotto la base all'interno della scatola ma tutto a posto.
Mi sono appena fatto il primo caffe. Stupendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mille grazie.
Troverai dei mesaggi simpatici in internet in merito al servizio.
Mike (che sta pensando di farsi un altro caffe alle 20! :-) )

Michael Benis

I just want to confirm that I have received my coffee machine and I am delighted with it.  The attention to detail with the packing was superb and the machine arrived in perfect condition. I just wanted to thank caffe italia for the excellent service and for delivering this incredible machine to my home.
I have already enjoyed several espressos and the machine makes exceptional coffee.
Keep up the good work and thank you for all of your assistance in helping me purchase my espresso machine.
Best wishes,
Dan Stackhouse

Dan Stackhouse

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that Gaggia did the repair extremely quickly.   The machine was returned today and I am now drinking my first cup of coffee - bliss!
Kind regards

Hilary Jauncey - Stourbridge West Midlands

Mr. Magnoler Sandro.
Regarding order no. 7471 - This morning I took receipt of my Savenielli Bologna, as you stated... I would like too say 'Thank you', I was indeed worried regarding the delay.   The machine arrived in excellent condition and is a lovely machine, which fit nicely in the space I have, I am very pleased with it - I look forward to first my cup of expresso later today!
Again, Thank you,
Angela Martin.

Angela Martin

Dear Marco,  
Finally my espresso machine arrived in good order. It was worth waiting for... perfect espresso!
Best regards,

Johan Borchert

Many thanks.
Delighted with your professionalism and will recommend you !
Best Regards,


Dear Magnoler
Just to say that my coffee machine arrived on January 2nd and it is great. Thank you.

tim. litchfield - Hertfordshire

Have received my order.   Working well.   Thanktou very much for your help.   Have a nice Christmas

Stewart Morgan

Dear Magnoler
Oder 5950
The part, extremely well wrapped, has arrived safely.  The machine is now working and we are enjoying using the grinder.  Coffee tastes very well!
Many thanks for all your efforts and help.
With best wishes for a Merry Christmas

Rosaleen Rentoul

Dear Magnoler,
Thank you for the excellent service regarding my purchase of the Saeco Espresso Nera machine.
It was a very efficient and pleasant experience and will definitely recommend your company.
Best wishes,

N. Buxani

Many thanks for all your help with sorting this out, it has been a pleasure to business with you.
Best Regards,

Andrew C. Dobbs

Thank you - working great, and the espresso is excellent!!

Campbell, Neil

Dear Michele,
My coffee machine is now working well and producing wonderful espresso, many thanks for your assistance.

James Hancocks

Thank you very much for your service , if everything is fine I will recommand you to my friend if they need something in the future!
Thanks again

Christophe Fosseries - Germany

Dear Magnoler
The new machine has arrived today and is perfect, thank you very much.   I have tried it out and the coffee it makes is devine.
About the coffee beans, I must have misunderstood the advert.   I interpreted it to mean that I would get 500 g of coffee as part of a bundle with the machine and 500 g of coffee which you provide with every machine that you send out.   Obviously my mistake!
I am very happy with the machine and the service you provided.
Many thanks and a Happy Christmas and New Year to you.
Kind regards
Jay Clements

J Clements

Dear Sandro,I recieved the rplacemet grinder & I am happy to say it appears to be working well. All I need now is a little bit of time to improve my barrista technique. Thank you for your help. Best Wishes. Elizabeth Mallon

elizabeth mallon

Esta mañana recibi la Cafetera, muchas gracias por su contestacion,muy amables.
reciban mis mas cordiales saludos.
Andres Sanchez.

Andrés Sánchez Asorey

Thank you for your support.   The machine is now working, thanks to your advice.

G Watson


Michele Fenton

Hi Mr. Sandro,
Today I received my brand new Gaggia Classic and Gaggia MM grinder.
I have already had some wonderful shots of espresso. Works perfect!!!
Thank you very much.
P. S. Although I had ordered Lavazza beans, you sent me Coffeeitalia beans (very nice too).


The parcel has already arrived, by UPS. Thank you very much

Victoria Ferragut - Barcelona

Hi Marco
many thanks the machine has arrived in time for his big party
this is the present a 60 year old has always wanted

Michele Fenton