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Gaggia Gran Gaggia Prestige RI8427/11

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Gaggia Gran Gaggia Prestige RI8427/11

Ordinarie pris 2 300,00 kr

Special Price 1 125,00 kr

Tillgänglighet: Slut i lager

Gaggia Gran Gaggia Prestige RI8427/11 är en hushålls manuell espressomaskin som är lämplig för att bereda autentisk italiensk espresso, kaffe, cappucino, latte macchiato eller andra varma drycker.



Gaggia Gran Gaggia Prestige RI8427/11 är en hushålls manuell espressomaskin som är lämplig för att bereda autentisk italiensk espresso, kaffe, cappucino, latte macchiato eller andra varma drycker.

Teknisk Specifikation

Teknisk Specifikation


20,0 x 26,5 x 29,7 cm

Vattentankens kapacitet

1 L


4 KG


Varmvatten / ångmunstycke


Rostfritt stål


Rostfritt stål


Rostfritt stål

Samtidig bryggning




50 Hz


950 W


15 bar


230 V


Automatisk standby


Mer information

Model Manual
Grinder Model Nej


  1. Budget but good! Recension av Ants Neo

    Just bought this machine used for 70 euro/dollar. Does very good espresso, got 1cm crema at second try (packed harder). Quality is aluminum with some plastic details, look is more expensive than feel. But for 150 Euro/Dollar or used for 70, it's so much worth it. Minus is that the machine does not drain the water out of puck, so more work to clean. Also hard to fit in bigger cup.

  2. Brillant Recension av Charlie

    Does what is says on the tin. Both the coffee bags and beans work fine. I prefer the beans rather than the coffee bags, better tasting. Would be great to get a big coffee mug under the machine....which seems to be a common issue with all brands. But a fab machine at a great price and I mix my beans in my Kenwood. I should of bought one of these years a go.

  3. Great Recension av Cibble10

    No doubt like many people we shopped around for ages given that feedback is nowhere near even 80% positive for any machine on Amazon. This reflects some dubious QC methinks for most brands. We finally settled on this one and we are pleased with our choice. Does everything it says it should, is nicely put together, and looks good too!

  4. Perfect coffee Recension av David PM Young

    I bought this is I used to own a Baby Gaggia, no longer in production. This is an older style Gaggia machine with a lot of Phillips bits added. It has a smaller tank that I would have liked at 1.25 Litres, but at 15 Bar it has ideal pressure to make a perfect cup of coffee. The height between the coffee holder and the base is enough to take a regular cup. The steamer/milk panerelo is rubber and stainless steel and it froths well. I uses a stainless jug and thermometer from Andrew James. The instruction manual is overly large and has too much information about priming for the first time. tools fit in a nice space on the top of the machine and the water holder is well designed. I would recommend this product to you.

  5. gaggia easy to achieve quality espresso Recension av Katrin Magorrian

    Espresso is very easy to make just drips a bit afterwards. The cappuccino is a bit messier but would expect that with milk. Even my husband can make a good cappuccino with this. An Italian friend has not heard of this brand but have seen a larger version in a good coffee shop recently. Excellent value for money.

  6. so far very pleased Recension av smokey joe

    So far this seems like a very good machine, if it lasts then I will be happy as our last machine seemed wonderful but went wrong after just five months. So we wait and see but so far it is very good

  7. Great Product Recension av Stewart Graham Kellett

    Great !!! Well built product and exactly what I was looking for. Wish I'd bought one sooner. Will recommend it to friends.

  8. Gaggia Espressso Machine Recension av Harold Lay

    This is the third we have had over several years and this has been updated and is very good indeed.

  9. Good, solid and consistent machine Recension av Matthew J. Hanson "Mattow" (UK)

    I have been using this machine daily for ten months. It's easy to use, looks good and feels solid. Espressos are delivered with a good crema and the steam wand helps produce a good creamy latte (in the right hands). Highly recommended!

  10. Birthday Present Recension av Ms Anne Khan "crystalfairy" (UK)

    I bought this Gaggia Espresso Machine for my sons birthday. He is very happy with it and we both have had good espressos from it. I would recommend . . . .

  11. A great buy and a great compact machine that works perfectly Recension av Alan Maher

    A great buy and a great compact machine that works perfectly. I've had loads of different coffee machines and this one so far is really impressive for the money.

  12. YUM!! Recension av Jake Fletcher

    Lovely supplier as had small issue with first item they replaced very quickly and had no problems since. I love the coffee i get at home now.Worth every penny.

  13. Perfect !! Recension av Howard Fulford

    Bought this machine to replace a much, much older Gran Gaggia that had gone incontinent, and started leaking.

    This new one is great - great espresso, with suberb crema, every time.

    Maybe a bit more plastic in the construction than the older machines I had, but if it works well, no problem.

    I highly recommend it

  14. good for the money Recension av roger

    Very good just a bit light weight, it needs to have some sort of base plate to make it stable

  15. It was fine and i am please about Recension av ahmed mahmoud

    it was fine and i like it i am please about i don't know what to say about it was ok

  16. Excellent Coffee Recension av AndyMumf

    This machine is a fantastic, sleek looking machine. I'm not a trained barista, so it's lucky that this machine is easy to use!

    I've messed around with heaped machines, but I have to say none have been as good as this, it is simply the best we have had.

    I like it!

  17. Five Stars Recension av Sherryl Timson-Granger


  18. It is brilliant but I hope it lasts longer than, Recension av Peter

    It is brilliant but I hope it lasts longer than.my previous Classic which died after only 18 months after I des sled it.

  19. Great Coffee Machine Recension av Daisymay2510

    Was given this product as a Christmas present, produces good cups of coffee, easy to use, would recommend to fresh coffee lovers

  20. Grand Gaggia makes a grand cappuccino! Recension av Mrs Alison E Lassey

    Great quality product makes great coffee need to use espresso ground coffee for a great tasting Cappuccino's tried a number of grounds and but lidl bellarom espresso is excellent. Would have given it 5* if the machine made hotter coffee you need to ensure the cup is warm and the milk needs to be in the steamer longer to ensure a perfect cup of coffee! Looks quality and dinky enough to fit nicely on my worktop under a cup'd and easy to remove the water tank.

  21. A Costa experience at home, Recension av Iain McDonald

    I like the occasional decent cup of coffee and had bean considering whether or not to go for a cafeteria, pod or barista / pod combo machine for at home. Got the Gran Gaggia Prestige for my birthday last week, and after about 6 cups I believe I have mastered the machine and have perfected a home made Americano. It seems a bit of a palaver the first couple of times, but once you are used to it, it takes no longer to make a cup than it does to boil the kettle for a mug of instant. Go for it, I don't think you will be disappointed.

  22. good but not as good Recension av gordon nisbet

    I like the look of this machine and to be fair the coffee is good. I bought this to replace my Gaggia Classic which unfortunately was destroyed in a fire. The main difference is the feel, the Classic has a solid professional feel whilst this machine is well made but is 'light' in comparison. Wish I had my 'Classic' back!

  23. Greeat Coffee Recension av Nicview "Nicwood"

    Two minor snags with the machine. The steam nozzle doesn't come out far enough and the mains cable is far too thick. However it makes excellent espresso coffee.

  24. good starter machine Recension av DR Hall

    For the money makes a great quality coffee
    Great size for sitting in a kitchen, and so easy to clean

  25. Great addition to my kitchen Recension av Jayne Folkard

    Lovely cup of coffee. Looks great, works really well and is easy to clean. Really pleased I decided on a Gaggia.

  26. Lovely Recension av M. Lovett "Megziie" (Wales)

    Really nice coffee machine. Takes a while to master the coffee, the first few cups aren't great. After the first few, they are lovely.

  27. frother watery Recension av nadine crehan

    excellent overall performance.small issue that occurs now and with milk foamer. hot water added instead of steam which results in hot watery milk. might have more to do with how i use machine though.

  28. Four Stars Recension av Suzanne MacDonald



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