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Automatic water softener model AL8

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Automatic water softener model AL8

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These high performance automatic water softeners have been produced for over 20 years and can automatically start the resin regeneration process.

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These high performance automatic water softeners have been produced for over 20 years and can automatically start the resin regeneration process.
Provided with a special electronic timer that, once programmed, autonomously starts the resin regeneration process, they allow the passage of the water also during resin regeneration, so that the connected devices can keep on working. They contain a specially conceived mixer that allows obtaining, whenever needed, a certain degree of water hardness. Some models, among other things, can be equipped with a dedicated tool for resin sterilization.

  • Users only have to periodically fill the brine tank with salt.
  • The product consists of three parts:
  • A cylinder containing the resin;
  • A brine tank;
  • A valve managing the flux of water and the resin regeneration process.
  • The valve is the key element in these water softeners and it comes in four different models: ALIA, 366, LOGIX and PERFORMA.
  • The thermoplastic material they consist of guarantees utmost resin efficiency and a proper functioning of the water softener.
  • All four models are conceived to meet the users’ needs, both in terms of intended use and of water consumption; the valves require minimum maintenance and their high reliability makes them particularly suited for the catering industry, while the resin sterilization tool makes them suitable for domestic use too.

AL Series

The SERIES AL includes models AL5, AL8 and AL12: user-friendly, versatile, handy and advanced, their compact structure makes them particularly apt for the catering industry.

Their built-in innovative ALIA valve has been conceived on the basis of the precious feedback our clients have given us over the years.


  • Simply push a button to start the installation program, thereafter the water softener will perform the necessary operations to prepare for service in a matter of a few minutes;
  • Compact design and small size for easy placement;
  • User-friendly regeneration program for a fast setting of the timer;
  • A few simple steps allow keeping the product in optimal conditions, thus avoiding onerous maintenance operations;
  • The introduction of the backlit display allows a constant check of the settings, as well as of the alarm signalling possible malfunctioning. This feature is crucial as it allows working in poorly lit locations;
  • The introduction of specific programs aims to unload the pressure from the cylinder before performing any maintenance procedure and rinsing the resin whenever the water softener delivers salty water, thus allowing the connected machines to carry on with their activity by using freshwater.


  • The water softener can be set in five different languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish;
  • It is possible to regenerate the resin at any time by selecting one specific day of the week or a given span of time between two consecutive regeneration processes;
  • The timing of the regeneration process can be customized according to the users’ needs;
  • Specially conceived to be used in technological appliances foreseeing the use of water, like 2/3/4 groups coffee machines, cupwashers, dishwashers, icemakers, steam cooking ovens, etcetera. Furthermore it is perfectly suitable for domestic use;
  • Lower water consumption thanks to the sharp reduction of the regeneration time.


  • Automatic or semiautomatic, according to the users’ needs. Resin regeneration activated simply by pushing a button;
  • Uninterrupted water delivery also during regeneration, thus allowing the connected machines to carry on with their usual activity;
  • The installation of an easily adjustable mixing screw allows the mixer to deliver partially softened water, the degree of water hardness can be set according to the users’ needs;
  • Quick water connections couplings enabling simple and speedy installation: users simply need to connect the two supplied taps with the inflow and outflow water pipes by inserting them into the special slots;
  • Extremely quick and user-friendly maintenance thanks to the streamlined structure;
  • The settings are stored in the timer’s long-lasting memory also following protracted power cuts.


  • Resin regeneration is always accompanied by the sterilization of the resin, made possible by means of a built-in chlorine generator delivering hypochlorite by electrolysis, making it suitable for technological as well as domestic use:
  • The installation of specific electronic parts allows assessing the salt level in the brine tank: a red led, a warning on the display or an audio signal warn the user when salt needs to be added;
  • It entirely consists of thermoplastic material, guaranteeing handiness and ease of use with no need to compromise the product’s mechanical resistance and safety. The ALIA valve’s Grivory material is as stout and mechanically resistant as aluminium;
  • Certifications by external companies attest compliance with all electrical and hygiene requirements.

Teknisk Specifikation

Teknisk Specifikation


11 Kg

Power Supply

Standard - 230V 50/60Hz

Power Supply

Optional - 120V 60Hz

Supply water pressure

min 1 bar, max 8 bar

Maximum flow rate recommended

1500 l/h

Room temperature

min 4ºC-max 30ºC

Power Requirement

4 W

Regeneration salt amounts

0.6 Kg

Maximum salt content in the braine tank

10 kg


min 4ºC - max 25ºC


2 bar - 8 bar

Maximum hardness

90 ºf


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